Frequently asked questions

A professional Coach embraces the idea that every human is naturally creative, resourceful, and whole.

What does that mean? We believe that despite everything “the world” throws at you, no matter who you are, you have to the power to find your own solutions to whatever challenge comes your way. You can achieve things beyond what is expected. Coaches are naturally curious people and trained to help you understand your own natural strengths and passions. We love to see you do new things. We love to see you go beyond what was holding you back. We celebrate each step on the way to your goal, and join you in celebrating your success, no matter if it is small or large, personal or professional.

So, what is coaching?

Coaching is for the Client who wishes to learn more about himself and his wants. Coaching is for the Client who wishes to move forward from where he/she is now. In coaching, the responsibility for moving belongs to the Client. While personal issues are sometimes discussed, coaching in no way replaces treatment by a trained mental health professional.

Is Coaching confidential?

Coaching is a confidential relationship between Coach and Client. Ask your coach what that specifically means to them. I believe in absolute anonymity. I will not re-tell your story to anyone. Our relationship is among the highest values I have as a coach. I do write about parenting subjects and do draw on my coaching experience to give examples which are composites of common experiences and challenges.

And what is a Coach?

  • Your Coach helps you understand and embrace the values and perspectives that will give your life meaning, energy and passion.
  • Your Coach listens to you and helps you take the most meaningful next steps for satisfaction and achievement of your goals.
  • Your Coach is not a consultant and does not give advice.
  • Your Coach is not there to judge or direct. He or she is endlessly curious about your perspective and values. He or she is also completely invested in your success.

How does coaching happen?

Some coaches offer single sessions but coaching relationships are most fruitful with a longer term commitment. A minimum amount of time is required to develop a relationship that can lead to understanding, agreed-on actions, and follow-up. My minimum engagement is four weeks of 45 minute sessions.

I am open to sessions over the phone, Zoom, Skype and eventually, in-person. Each session focuses on an agreed on subject or series of subjects that are meant to advance a personal or professional agenda. Time is allowed between sessions both for reflection and for the Client to take action.

How do I get started?

I begin with a discovery session which you can book here. If, after that session, we decide to work together, we will plan at least a 4 week series of 45 minute meetings. The first two sessions cover your personal background as well as a discussion that will help us both to identify and name your personal values. At the end of each session we will set goals and commitments before the next session. Sometimes, these actions will involve reflection, and other times, major actions that move you toward your objectives.