Helping great dads since 2008

I coach fathers who want to be better dads while being their real selves.

If you sometimes feel that being a dad can be challenging, you are not alone. Babies and kids are changing all the time, and the things that work at one stage are suddenly completely wrong, often from week to week or even the next day.

This can lead to frustration, an alone feeling, and a worry that your family life is not what you hoped. Many of the following situations are common: 

  • New dad having trouble bonding with your baby
  • Confused about what to do with your toddler or small child
  • Communications challenges with your teen
  • Difficulty relating to your adult kids
  • Your kids and your relationship with your partner
  • Conflicting parenting styles
  • Multi-racial kids
  • Raising step-kids or your own kids with their stepmom and blended families
  • Divorce and co-parenting

If you are dealing with any of these situations, I can help. 

You can have satisfying relationships with your kids and family. Real families are more complicated than what you see on TV and in movies. Together we will develop a plan to help you find greater meaning in your own family.

In my free discovery session, we will start to discuss your personal values, and how your perspective will determine things you can start doing immediately to develop yourself in this most important of roles. If you decide my approach can help you, we will work with your natural gifts and values. You will quickly find it’s easier to make decisions within your family and an ease of living that comes from knowing what to do because it’s true to who you are.

I have been studying the importance of involved parenting for over 15 years as editor of and publisher of Pregnancy Magazine. I’ve also had experience raising two kids of my own.

In my coaching, I take a pragmatic approach. I will focus intently while we problem-solve and find relevant solutions for your life’s work. I don’t use a lot of psycho-babble vocabulary, but I do use my Co-Active Institute training to help you choose actions consistent with your unique family, your personality, and your own values.